• Our people –
    our greatest value


  • Vesna Kostic, Production Trainers Coordinator in Production Unit Prokuplje

    “I love my job and would never change it”



    “I started working for LEONI back in 2009 when the company was set up in Prokuplje. As the plant developed, I had the opportunity to meet and work with many different colleagues and top management. This really helped me in my primary task - transferring knowledge to new colleagues in the production area. I think it's most important that I love my job and I would therefore never change it. Here in production, I found a meaningful task and do my best at fulfilling it.”

  • Milos Vilcek, Head of Production Process Engineering Leoni Serbia

    “Commitment is always appreciated”


    “When you see that you receive support and that your work is appreciated, you are motivated to work, achieve top results and accomplish company targets. From my experience, if a person is dedicated and focused on work tasks, one can make a significant career progress. I am always honest with my colleagues, I try to be constructive at all times, as this is the only way to understand each other and achieve exceptional results together.”

  • Gordana Mosic, Row Material Warehouse Storekeeper Production Unit Nis

    “Here is the future”


    “I am very satisfied with my job and execute it with great pleasure. I think that everything depends on the experience that one has acquired. My motto is - do not complain, but try to do your best. If my knowledge and skills can contribute to solve another task in the company, I am eager to do my best. I see that younger colleagues are ready to listen to me and rely on my experience.”

  • Milorad Zivkovic, Line Runner Shift Leader in Production Unit Prokuplje

    “My colleagues and I are above all – friends”


    “It is impossible to achieve exceptional results without mutual trust and fellowship. Work is not all it matters, it is also important to have someone to have a cup of coffee with after work.”

  • Sandra Andjelkovic, Expert Quality Management Methods

    “Leoni has a system and instruction for all”


    “I personally believe that communication with people is essential, especially when it comes to colleagues. One needs to get involved, to work with colleagues and be willing to share knowledge.”

  • Milos Manic, Head of Plant Prokuplje, Leoni Serbia

    “Our future is here”


    “LEONI has invested so much in my professional development and is one of the few companies that offers its employees numerous trainings, both internal, which are implemented by our HR Department and LPS, and very important external trainings. Aside from trainings, one has to do his best and has to have the support and direct guidance of his superior.”

  • Tamara Recevic, Shift Leader in Production Unit Prokuplje

    “Desire to learn is crucial”


    “I tend to create a good team which will nurture positive atmosphere and help each other. This is the only way to maintain the top quality of our production line. Communication is of crucial importance and I would like to point out that the company recognizes our efforts and invests in us by providing us with numerous professional trainings.”

  • Dragana Mitrovic, Prototype Operator Production Unit Nis

    “Everyone should do what they are best at”


    “I am proud that I have been in the company ever since it was established in Serbia. For me, it is a great success for an employee to work for the same company for ten years and more. LEONI has fulfilled all my professional dreams. If you love your job, you will always be satisfied. That is what I constantly tell my daughter who also works as a Prototype Operator in Plant Nis and is sometimes even better than me in some aspects of the job.”

  • Mirko Bankovic, Board Manufacturing Team Leader PS Kraljevo

    “Everyone at LEONI is open to cooperation”


    “Our job can only be carried out successfully if we help and support each other. This is why constant communication is essential. Even though I had previous experience in production, working for LEONI has given me a real overview of production-based success and offered me a chance to prove myself professionally.”

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