LEONI in Serbia

LEONI Serbia is part of the LEONI Group and opened its first production facility in Prokuplje, Serbia, back in 2009 . In 2014, the plant in Malosiste/Doljevac Municipality was opened followed by the plant in Nis in mid-2017. In September 2021, the company's fourth plant was officialy opened, in Kraljevo, which is the biggest plant of the LEONI Wiring Systems Division worldwide. Leoni Serbia is currently the only European entity with four production facilities within the Wiring Systems Division (WSD).

In the last ten years, the company has invested around EUR 170 million in buildings and equipment, delivering wiring harnesses for international premium car manufacturers. LEONI Serbia has approx. 14,000 employees and is the biggest industrial employer in Serbia. Since its inception, the company has built an impressive network of approx. 600 domestic suppliers and, together with them, generated a total turnover of 117 million EUR, contributing to rising the living standard in the areas where we operate.

Currently, LEONI Serbia is among the 15 biggest exporters in Serbia.

As a socially responsible company we support schools, kindergartens, sports clubs, children with disabilities, medical and cultural institutions. Leoni Serbia takes care and invests in young people as human resources are the biggest asset of a company. Therefore, the company has several programmes intended for young educated people in order to encourage employment of high qualified staff and to raise the level of their employability in general.


“LEONI is always focused on the growth – offering more job opportunities, expanding its business, becoming the biggest industrial employer in Serbia. What is more important than being the biggest employer is being the best employer. This is not an easy task, but we as one Leoni Serbia Team are working very hard to achieve this goal. Good working conditions, practical and theoretical induction trainings, career advancement within the international automotive industry, combined with an interesting motivation package, are qualities which make LEONI a very interesting and appealing employer.”

Pierluigi Ghione, Managing Director of Leoni Serbia