LEONI in Serbia

LEONI Serbia takes care and invests in young people as human resources are the biggest potential of a company. Therefore, the company has several programmes intended for young educated people in order to encourage employment of high qualified staff and to raise the level of their employability in general.

Some of LEONI Serbia's youth programmes:

  • Over 100 students completed a work/training scheme or traineeship and many of them started to work in our company eventually.
  • Cooperation with the University in Nis, including the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Electronical Engineering and Economy and with Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo University of Kragujevac in order to improve the curriculum and encourage the employment of high qualified staff and thus raising the level of their employability.
  • Organized Open Door Days for students of different local faculties for them to visit our plant. Students gain an insight into our products and the production process, get possibility talk to company representatives on further opportunities for starting their career in our company.
  • We support numerous case study competitions organized by student associations where students receive the task to solve specific case studies that could improve some of the company processes.
  • Representatives of the company, all experts in their field, often hold lectures at the faculties we cooperate with.
  • So far, Leoni granted 23 scholarships to the best students of the final, fourth year of academic and Master studies of the Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Economy faculties of Nis University and Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo University of Kragujevac.