LEONI Serbia opened the doors to its employees and their families on the 10-year anniversary

- Close to 1000 people, employees and their family members, visited the LEONI production facilities in Prokuplje, Malošište, Niš and Kraljevo.
- Visitors were impressed by the size of the plants of the biggest industrial employer in Serbia

Prokuplje, Serbia – LEONI, a global provider of energy and data management solutions in the automotive sector and other industries, opened the doors of its four plants on the occasion of the 10–year anniversary in Serbia. During the entire month of September, the employees had the opportunity to share with their family members the experience of working for LEONI. The Open Day events started first in the Prokuplje plant and continued in Malošište, Niš and Kraljevo.

Around 1000 LEONI employees and their family members took the plant tour in Prokuplje, Malošište, Niš and Kraljevo  where they had the possibility to visit the production segments, from cutting, crimping, assembling and testing to final packaging.  The tour was guided by colleagues from Human Resources supported by production trainers, production referents, shift leaders and engineers.  They were happy to explain the specific details of the production processes and answer all visitor questions.

“I am impressed about everything I saw here, not only about the production facility and the equipment, but also the beautiful cantine and the nice garden. It looks to me as if I entered some factory in Germany”, said  Živana Tasić, mother of Dragan Tasić, employed in the warehouse at the LEONI plant in Prokuplje.

“I am here for the first time and I really like what I see. I am glad that I came together with my husband so he can also see and better understand my job.  I am really proud for being part of this company”, told Kristina Milenković, Continuous Improvement Officer  at the  LEONI plant in  Niš.

After the plant tours, the adults enjoyed the refreshments and children enjoyed the ice cream. LEONI has a tradition in organizing this kind of event dedicated to the employees and their families. In 2017, at the 100-year celebration of the LEONI Group, similar events took place in two plants. In the meantime, LEONI Serbia has doubled the number of the production facilities and tripled  the number of employees.

“We are very happy to open the plant doors to our employees and their families. We want to share with them the pride of being the largest private employer in Serbia. Who knows, maybe sometime in the future, the children who passed the threshold of our plants will be the next specialists working for LEONI,” said Mr. Clemens Sachs and Mrs. Danijela Ivkovic, Managing Directors of LEONI Serbia.