LEONI is among the five largest exporters in Serbia

In seven months of 2023, the LEONI company Serbia exported products worth 292.2 million euros.

With this value of exported products, LEONI is 5th largest exporter in the first part of this year.

Data on foreign trade exchange was announced by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia at the August presentation of the "Current Macroeconomic Trends" analysis.

Country manager LEONI Serbia, Miloš Manić, says that the value of exports has increased by 33% compared to last year:

- We are proud that we have been in the group of the largest Serbian exporters for several years. This result is even more valuable if it is known that LEONI is engaged in production, more than 50% of the value of our product is newly created value. We export everything we produce, our exports are twice as large as our imports, so we provide Serbia with a clean foreign exchange inflow.

In addition, LEONI cooperates with more than 700 domestic suppliers to whom it provides an annual turnover of 41 million euros. Based on taxes and contributions, the LEONI annually pays more than 48 million euros to the Serbian budget.

- LEONI currently employs more than 13,000 people and is the largest private employer in Serbia. We are proud that all of us work for a company that is so important to our country. Each of the employees contributed to the good results that we are achieving this year and that, despite all the challenges, we represent one of the most important factors of the Serbian economy - concludes country manager Miloš Manić.

The list of the largest exporters, according to the data of the Ministry of Finance, can be found in the photo gallery.