LEONI gives out certificates to participants who have successfully completed training within "From knowledge to employment" program

- The company continues to support projects aimed at easier and faster employment of young people
- LEONI a reliable partner for the Swiss-Serbian project investment

Kraljevo, Serbia – Leoni, a global provider of products and solutions for energy and data management in the automotive sector and other industries, is working intensively on the economic empowerment of young people and their easier employment. 45 interns completed on-job training for the position of an assembly line worker. Today, certificates were handed to the interns at the company's school center, and 37 of them will get employment in Kraljevo plant.

The purpose of "From knowledge to employment" project is to enable preconditions for faster employment of young people in Serbia through the on-job training. Prior to the project commencement, forty-five interns, up to 35 years of age, had been mainly employed in trade sector, construction, or volunteer work. For most participants, this is their first encounter with the automotive industry and working in an international environment. In addition to the training in the school center of Kraljevo factory, the participants acquired additional skills at the workplace. The duration of training and professional development for the position of Worker on the assembly line lasted for 2 months.

"We are proud of the fact that, as the largest industrial employer in Serbia, we continue the development trend and contribute to youth employment. In cooperation with the city of Kraljevo and representatives of "From knowledge to employment" project, we managed to give young people who are looking for a better future and a secure job, the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills needed at  the labor market, here at LEONI, and a place to commence or continue their careers. In addition to a stable job, young people are seeking for development opportunity, trainings, and a company like ours, as of today, offers these opportunities to these young people as well," said Pierluigi Ghione, Managing Director of Leoni Serbia.

"With the "From knowledge to employment" project, we gather key actors involved in youth employment and contribute to better harmonization of demand and supply of work through the development of specific skills of young competent workforce. Here at Leoni we have the honour to see that the project activities give great results and that in cooperation with the local government, Leoni, and our local partners from BIPS, young people from Kraljevo get the desired employment, and the company quality staff," said Boban Gledović, Senior Advisor on the project " From knowledge to employment "

This is the fourth time that, through the project and joint cooperation, conditions are being created for faster and easier employment of young staff, and, so far, 155 people have been given this opportunity.